Ahl al-Bayt (as) in Holy Quraʾn

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1 Lecturer, Al-Mustafa International University, Former Lecturer, University of the Philippines.

2 Master in Applied Linguistics and researcher in Higher Education Complex for Language, Literature and Culturology. Al-Mustafa International University


Debate on Ahl al-Bayt (as) or the household of Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is probably the most discussed, and yet, the most misunderstood issue among the Muslims, since the demise of Holy Prophet, some 1400 plus years ago. In this research work, we intend to find out, first of all, who are Ahl al-Bayt mentioned in Holy Quraʾn, and what responsibilities do the Muslims have, with regards them, according to Holy Quraʾn, as it has been commanded by Allah(s.w.t.) in His Holy Book. We shall also try to find the answers from Holy Quraʾn, regarding some questions on the subject of Ahl al-Bayt (as), which has been going on for so long, without being solved or answered beyond those sectarian affiliations. 


Volume 1, Issue 2
December 2023
Pages 113-121
  • Receive Date: 21 November 2023
  • Revise Date: 13 December 2023
  • Accept Date: 13 December 2023
  • First Publish Date: 13 December 2023
  • Publish Date: 01 December 2023